Mike Leach. Yeah, it's a name that's legendary around here, both positively and negatively. On one hand, you have the old school Pirates, the Leach lovers, the ones who are infatuated with the unorthodox swagger; on the other, you have the ones who bash the zany madman, claiming that Leach was the reason for Texas Tech University getting subjected into a bright light of disappointment and scandal. Now it's time to write a new chapter, a new legend, and it all starts on a Thursday night in Provo, Utah.

Love him or hate him, the man can coach. You can't deny the success he had, much less the instanteous success that immediately followed his joining of the Texas Tech coaching staff.

Head Coach Mike Leach will try to re-gain a position of excellence, a regard of highness this year in Pullman, Washington, a town that seems to be comparable to Lubbock.

With studs on offense like Marquess Wilson and Jeff Tuel, Leach will try to steer his ship toward the heart of the fan base of the Washington State Cougars, and the Pac-12.

I haven't been near as excited for any sporting event than I am for the game against Brigham Young University.

I'm eager to see the guru, the wacky composer of tenacious and tactical brigades of offensive airstrikes, make his splash in a community that's a believer in the underdog.

Despite your opinion, the man can coach, and we damn sure know the man can win. He will, and he will begin his offensive reign soon enough for the entire world to see.

A pirate. An unorthodox specialist. A football coach.

Mike Leach.