Ok, I've seen and heard some crazy stuff over the years. People get upset over some REALLY strange stuff, remember the pregnant Barbie doll sold at Wal-Mart several years ago?? It was a freaking toy and parents had a fit "because is sends the wrong message to children." But I guess all the pregnant teenagers walking around Wal-Mart send the right message..?Well now people are targeting Minnie Mouse, and "by golly" that just ain't right!

Minnie it seems is set to be featured in a Barney's  New York holiday window display. In the proposed window Minnie Mouse would be shown as is (short and, well, not tall or thin... Don't want to offend anyone).

The problem seems to be with how Minnie envisions herself while wearing the outfit, she (probably like most women would) envisions herself as looking more like a high fashion runway model... TALL and WAY TOO THIN...

Women's groups are all kinds of upset because they say the image Minnie is portraying  gives young girls the wrong idea and promotes poor self image. So they are boycotting the window.

An online petition called "leave Minnie mouse alone" has been started to draw attention to the injustice being done to everyone's favorite female mouse.