This last weekend Tech fans everywhere were holding their heads a little higher and walking a little taller after witnessing two straight wins by the mighty Red Raiders under the new reigning "King."

Add to it, the awesome showing by several Raider alums who have made their names known in the NFL and, well it has been a good week for TTU.

If however, you are a Steelers fan (cough Woody) might be a little less than thrilled with football right now... no Ward, no Harrison... and no Batch (Charlie or Baron)... Of course Baron being one of those Raider alums was the only reason many people around here even tolerated televised Steeler games.

Now that the powers that be have cut him, well (from the way they are playing he is probably not too sad about it) Mr. Batch has expanded his passion for art and designing and put it on some really cool limited edition shirts.

Those of you that saw Baron's art at this years Art's Festival know he is a very talented man, these shirts bring a bit of his art together with Raider pride.

Check 'em out, and snag yourself one or two before they are all gone.