I guess the "pressures" of putting entertainment listings in the paper is too much for the guy who's job it is to put entertainment listings in the paper. Evidently you have to follow certain rules, meet certain regulations and then make your way past a Gollum and throw a ring into a volcano before you can get your listings taken care of.


About ten or fifteen years ago I gave up on dealing with the newspaper. Whenever I tried to work with them, it always seemed "the fix was in" with the other guys.  Since that time, I don't supply those people with ANY information, and neither do most of the promoters I know. The average age of a newspaper reader is about 65. Guess what? Most 65-year-olds don't go to rock concerts, they don't attend monster truck shows and they don't really do much except sit around and bitch about being 65.

So once again this headcase flipped out, this time on a person I know to be genuinely nice, concerned and dedicated to offering Lubbock a variety of entertainment options.  These are all options that would not exist without this person. There's just NO excuse for this behavior.

Here at FMX and with our sister stations 1025 KISS, 98KOOL, BLAKE-FM, KFYO & Sportstalk 1340, we WANT your listings. We will add them to our entertainment calendars when appropriate and we'll even blog about some of the bigger ones. I'm even going to make it easier on you, by making this part of my daily routine. Instead of giving you different addresses for the different stations and departments, send EVERYTHING HERE. I'll sort it out each morning.

Here's the deal, if we get it on time, it will almost certainly be posted, promoted, or talked about somewhere in the building. The more advance notice, the better. If you send it late, you'll probably still get some publicity. We aren't slaves to a giant printing press. We can have something on the air in seconds.

Now, let's get to particulars. First, "what qualifies."  Live entertainment, charity events and even 'special interest' group meetings (like if you're trying to organize "home brewers" or something). If you have doubts, go ahead and send it on. We can't do all of the car washes and fundraisers in town, but we can take care of a lot more than you think. Heathen and I have been known to "adopt" something as small as a cookie sale and really push it. Next, give us TOO MUCH information. You never know if we'll take a special interest in your event, or if there is a detail that you've assumed that everybody needs to know. Always remember the basic who, what, where, & why. If you can, include a picture or a flyer. Remember, if we can give your event even a tiny bit of press, then you're going to do better than if you had none, so send it on.

Once again, send EVERYTHING HERE.