Looking Back At Guns N Roses .  First a disclaimer,  most of this was published as a "responce" on Facebook, it's published here so you don't have to dig through it.   I had to bail during the middle 40 minutes to take Hurt to their hotel.  It was awesome before I bailed (right after the first time DJ Ashba came over and played in front of the Voodoo Lounge.  Came back during the EPIC performance of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" and finished out the show.  I'll give you the scoop right after the jump.


First off, in response to one of the more "out there" Facebook comments,  I didn't see or hear any "missed words" or heavy breathing (seriously people, where do you come up with this crap?).  Rooster and I were STUNNED by how "on' Axl was.  The light and video show as incredible and if you can't handle fire and fireworks at a rock show, then maybe you out to switch to something mellower.  I talked to a hundred people or more last night and every last one of them was wide eyed and STUNNED by how good that show was. Axl was engaging and energetic and "on".  The original Guns N Roses was a bunch of junkies who made great music, this version of GNR PLAYED great music.  I fully expected, just a little, that I would be saying 'well at least the music was good", but it was ALL great.  The special effects, the lights, Axl.....and even the crowd.  How cool was it that all those parents brought 8-10 year olds to see the show?  And GNR noticed the kids, handing them pics and singing and playing to them?  True showmen and good guys. I don't think anyone will ever forget the confetti cannons raining down while "Paradise City" played.  My thanks to GNR for finally coming to West Texas and a special thanks to DJ Ashba for all the love he showed to FMX before, during and after the show.

One last item, as for "show comparisons", some of you don't have the luxury of "perspective".  It was amusing to me that someone was trying to compare this show to Shinedown (the Xfest show).  I love Shinedown and I love Brent Smith. He's been a pal of the stations since the band started, and he is one of the most gifted singers ever, but you cannot compare a :45 minute Shinedown show with a 2:45 minute Guns N' Roses show.  It cannot be done. Time will tell if Shinedown, 5FDP or any of the others will be remember as "one of the greats", Guns N' Roses ARE one of the greats and they put on a GREAT SHOW.

Here's one of many videos I've found on YouTube. The band went pyro crazy on this song.  Check it out.