Meg Foster will play the role of Margaret Morgan, the leader of a coven of secret witches in Zombie's upcoming flick "The Lords of Salem." Zombie says that the new movie will be his "bleakest" and explains the movie revolves around twenty innocent people executed as witches, who "cross their hearts and hope to die" to return and cause serious mayhem on present day Salem.

Zombie still plans to shoot in Salem, Massachusetts and says " Salem has so much history that has never been really explored in a movie.And it's a very unique-looking town when it comes to the architecture of the buildings and the streets. I had kind of forgotten. I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and I went back there recently to do some scouting. I forgot how interesting the houses and the buildings were. It's very cinematic. It's a great back backdrop for something like this."

"The Lords of Salem" hits theaters in 2012.