I expect there will be a few upset rivetheads in Lubbock just from the headline of this article, but I can back it up.  I point to one simple proof.  Lamb Of God is the best know hardcore metal act anywhere. Lamb Of God played Lubbock on Saturday night. Turnout for Lamb Of God was pathetic. Ergo, metal is dead in Lubbock. Sorry, see ya, that's it.  


Now when I say 'metal is dead', I mean it in a couple of ways.  #1: No one supported the biggest metal band in the world.  #2. Promoters are going to be VERY hesitant to book other metal bands due to the devastating failure of this show. Sure you're going to have your little 300 person underground shows, but you can expect the big bands to skip the Hub for a year or two until the scene builds back up.

I think I'm just going to leave things right here. I'd love to hear your opinions, but FIRST tell me why this show sucked wind. You have to get past the fact that they had to stuff this show into the Pavilion because of a lack of ticket sales before you can tell me that metal has a pulse in this town.