Music arguments are usually a weekly requirement around the building. Different topics are always kicked around so we thought we'd put this one up to our listeners and readers. We polled you, our listeners, on Facebook to find out who you thought were the most underrated rock bands of all time. We did get some crazy submissions but we also got some quality ones. We whittled the list down and brought you the 10 most underrated rock bands according to you, the FMX fan. See if your submission made the cut.

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    Pony Wings/ The Vadges

    Ok, so we're shameless, but we didn't make the nominations. We will shamlessly plug the RockShow band though. They've gone by many names but only the Vadges and Pony Wings made the list. Enjoy Wes and Heathen from the RockShow getting down on some Purple Rain. Only fitting way to kick off the list, right?

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    A few on our Facebook list nominated Otep, so here they land at #9. Get some hard rockin' when you check out the video below.

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    Collective Soul

    A couple of people nominated Collective Soul. Don't know what happened to them but they did have some catchy tunes. They land on our list of the Most Underrated Rock bands of all time at #8.

  • 7


    Sure, everyone knows the hit songs by Soundgarden, but these guys rock much harder than you think. Terrific songwriting, heavy guitar and a phenomenal stage presence bring Soundgarden back, full circle as they land at #7.

  • 6


    Clutch fuses a dynamic voice along with heavy guitar riffs. They don't apologize for how hard they rock and they never will. That's why they come in on the list of underrated bands at #6. I should have rigged it to make these guys higher up though.

  • 5


    This is easily one of our favorite bands here at FMX. They just rocked the Red, White and Blue Ball for Driver's birthday and they continue a fast paced and loud live show by staying on the road constantly. Jackyl is big with the biker and old school rockers, but always can use more attention. Jackyl breaks the top 5 at #5.

  • 4


    W.A.S.P got a couple of votes from our FMX listeners but they just missed out on breaking into the top 3. W.A.S.P is everything that was good about rock in the 80s but just not the household name that came out of that decade. They do see the respect though as they come in at #4 on our list of most underrated rock bands.

  • 3


    Nazareth are the oldest band to make the list for the underrated rock bands but they rock harder than their biggest hit, "Love Hurts" would make you believe. More than a few FMX listeners and fans showed their love for Nazareth, and so will we. Coming in at #3 is Nazareth.

  • 2

    Faith No More

    Sure, everyone knows "Epic," but it's their other songs that really made Faith No More stand out as a legitimate rock band. Thankfully, Faith No More reunited just in the last two years and are playing sold out shows across the world. They also appeared on the FMX poll on Facebook a couple of times. Here is Faith No More at #2.

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    Rage Against The Machine

    It's hard to call RATM an underrated band, but at the same time, it's not. RATM could easily be the most politically driven band (hence the name RATM) that has ever existed. The extremely clever lyrics, dynamic stage presence and, possibly, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Yes, it is extremely hard to call them underrated but most rockers didn't know how good of a thing RATM the machine was until they were gone. They reunited briefly for a few years recently but don't hold your breath for a new album anytime soon. RATM is our most underrated band of all time.