How many of you remember the good old days of MTV, back when they actually played music? for those of you that do not remember, MTV stood for Music TV, you could turn it on and watch your favorite bands do interpretations of what the song was about or even video of live performances. Cool concept , no?!

I remember the days, man it was awesome to turn on the TV and see the music come to life, and the eye candy they worked into many of the videos didn't hurt either. Now it seems that MTV has turned into teen drama central. I can not tell you the last time I actually saw something music related even on MTV.

oh wait, I was forced to watch part of an episode of "Teen Mom" a few months back; I seem to remember there was some music in the background and a little pop up window that said the band and the name of the song.... I stand corrected...

Well this weekend VH1 Classic will be showcasing music videos from MTV for their 30th anniversary.  Wait, VH1 "Classic" .... never mind... break out your spandex, tease your hair, put on your leg warmers, then plop your happy *ss down on the couch and watch all your favorite music videos this weekend just like you did 30 years ago.