I have quite a few pieces of music memorabilia. Not as much as you think, but more than enough. I've even given a bunch of it away because that particular artist meant more to a friend than it did to me. I gave my last Dimebag Autographed tee to my friend Lynn. Rooster has my Quiet Riot Metal Health mask. My kids pediatrician has my Sammy Hagar tour jacket. There is one piece that has great value to me, and it has NOTHING to do with my access to the music industry.

Hulton Archives, Getty Images

First off, my apologies for this video.  It's okay, but not perfect.  I'm making these videos with a Lapcam and that forces me to try to do this thing backwards.  I've tried and tried,  time and time again to get a still picture of this thing and it refuses to be photographed. It's either too dark or there's glare from a flash.  I friend made this piece of "art" for me and it's probably my most prized possession (although my Ramones jacket is really up there). Anyways, it's kind of rare so I thought you'd enjoy seeing it.