If it is possible to love and hate something at the same time, then I love and hate this time of year. Contradiction, I know but there are things I really like about January and there are things about January that really irritate me. Things like New Years resolutions.

I personally do not make resolutions simply because I know me. Tell me to change, or that I can't do something and that is a sure fire way to get me to.

Take all the people that resolve to lose weight and and get in shape who join the gym in January, I hate that!

That annoys me... Why, because for a few weeks the gym is packed with people learning to use the equipment and now with chicks making that duck face and taking pictures of themselves SITTING on machines, but not actually working out. While those of us who do wait while the post to Facebook and twitter about how they are at the gym.

But the fact that January symbolizes a chance for us all to start fresh, or have the adult version of a "do over," is awesome.

For those of you who don't make resolutions, maybe you could just attempt to learn something new before the end of the month. Nothing grand, nothing you have to work to keep up with, just a simple fact, even if it is a totally useless one.

That's what I did, and thanks to this video my goal for the year has been met, now I can go back to being part of the 1%.

Check out the video...