What do you call it when a cop hides behind some bushes, or around a corner? You call it a speed trap. So what do you call it when a cop hides in plain site? It’s a speed trap. The Lubbock Police have started adding these moving speed traps to its force and the explanation is completely laughable.


First off, this is not hating on police. I have great respect for the police and a I believe 99% of the police out there are on the force because they want to help people. Near the top, however, politics and fundraising and who knows what muddies everything up. Let me also state that I have NEVER been given a ticket for anything (other than an expired window sticker) so I don't have any agenda here other than to offer an honest opinion.
The Lubbock Police are buying all black police cars (nothing like the ones in the picture shown), hiding the lights and siren under the grill and putting barely visible police emblems on the side. They are already being referred to as "invisible police cars" and five are being put on the streets for traffic duty.  On the report I saw, one of the spokesmen said this is being done so that you never know where the police are so you’ll be more likely to obey the law at all times. What a load of happy horsecrap. Even the two women in the room with me started laughing when they heard the guy say this. I realize that we are living in a time where if you advertise a lie enough people accept it for the truth, but this is nonsense. Think about your own experiences. If there are black and whites around, you are more likely to obey the law. There is no way on this planet that making a vehicle harder to see is going to make people behave better. Am I the only one who knows the decades old adage “out of sight, out of mind”? Also, is it even smart to have low visibility vehicles on high speed chases? I know they’ll have lights going when these instances happen, but what about daytime? Sometimes it’s hard to see lights in the daytime, but it’s not hard to see big black and white police cars. So that makes this not only a crappy thing to do to the citizens of this town, it also makes them a public safety problem.
Let’s talk truthfully here. Some people don’t like the police. Some don’t trust the police. Some hate the police. Having these “secret” police cars is just going to add to the suspicion that police aren’t here’ for our protection but just to hassle us. I know being in these cars will make the police themselves feel more stealthy and sneaky, because it’s truly a layer of camouflage to help blend in with other vehicles. Is “stealthy” and “sneaky” what you want our of your police? I myself prefer police to be “upstanding” and “honorable” and nothing about these new cars speaks to either word. Our to put things in today's vernacular, this is an epic douche move.

If you'd like to see the report on these "invisible cop cars", pop over to Everything Lubbock.