So I came home from a hard day working on Nightmare on 19th Street (gratuitous plug) and my home answering machine is beeping like the oven does when it hit's 350 degrees. I listen in and what do I get?  Four phone calls, each from a politician.  It was rather clever of those politicians to exclude themselves from being put on the no-dial lists, wasn't it?

George Marks, Getty Images

This was just one day.  I've been averaging 2-3 calls a night for the last ten days or so.

I guess it's incidental to the story that all four were from "conservative Republicans", then again, you think somebody who was "conservative" wouldn't be spending tons of loot on phone calls that nobody wants to get. The worst of the calls was from somebody on behalf of Charles Perry.  They had some old man call whose voice sounded like it was coming from beyond the grave.  Once again, I'm sure there are a few of you cussing me as a "liberal bastard" for picking on these folks, but you are LYING if you're trying to tell me that you'd actually like to get these kind of calls.

I hope someday I can prove to you guys that I'm not taking this crap from EITHER political party and it just happens to be this one group at the time. True, it wasn't likely that I was going to vote for any of these asshats anyways, but I'll make you this promise-if my best friend runs for office and I get a robo-call from him, then he's not getting my vote either.