I loved this band lived. I thought it was cool that those of us who caught them opening for Korn were the first to see them perform live on tour. The problem is, this song is "not so much". More after the jump.


First off, for those of you who don't know who "Stillwell" is, the band features Fieldy from Korn, but on guitar instead of bass and WUV from P.O.D. on drums.  With that kind of cred forming the backbone of the band you're going to get some attention whether you deserved it or not.  Sadly in this case, I have to say the answer is "not".

I think this song is weak and I hate the guitar tone even though the riffs are cool. The reason I'm posting it is the great cameos from other hard rockers.  In the video you'll see people from Mudvayne, Drowning Pool, Flyleaf, Avenged, Papa Roach and many more. It's like a "who's who" of hard rock.  The next problem is, they took this great idea and spent about two dollars to film it.

Anyways, I know these are talented guys, I've seen them pull off a great live show with some great tunes...they just need to get more focused on their direction and/or sound.