It's good to know people. I was able to preview three tracks off of the new Wayne Static solo project and I have to say I'm impressed. Read more after the break.

Wayne Static was the dynamic chewy center of the band "Static-X" (which may or may not be defunct). When I heard that he was going the solo route I thought he just might be "over". Rumors of infighting and Wayne spending "too much" time with his porn star girlfriend circled around the group. From the outside it really looked like we had a "Yoko Ono" situation here. Instead it appears that Wayne as an artist is "back". The new tracks are focused, cohesive and really rockin'.  Gone is the "barking" type delivery, but Wayne still delivers a compelling metal vocal without it.

The tracks I was allowed to preview are called "Assassins Of Youth", "Thunder Invader" and (believe it or not) "Static Killer".

I am reminded very much of when Rob Zombie dropped the band and started his killer solo career. There's samples, giant guitar hooks and the best of what his old band was while somehow improving on the formula.

I have no idea on release dates, or when the project is even complete. I can tell you I'll be one of the first to buy the new project when it becomes available.

Just in case I got you in the mood for some Static-X, here's one of my favorites to enjoy until Wayne's solo project drops.