Draft Day has come and gone, and this year I get the "joy" of playing against my son. Check out both of our 15 picks here, and stack 'em up to who you got.

From the first to the 15th round, it was pretty tense at my house. Picks came in furiously, one after the other, in a draft that took around an hour.



Here's my team, The Plowboys:       Here's Gunner's team, the Harlem Knights:

QB-Tom Brady                               QB-Matt Ryan

RB-Chris Johnson                          RB-C.J.Spiller

RB-Giovoni Bernard                        RB-Stevon Ridley

WR-Dez Bryant                              WR-Brandon Marshall

WR-T.Y. Hilton                                WR-Marques Colston

WR-Tavon Austin                            WR-James Jones

TE-Vernon Davis                            TE-Tony Gonzalez

K-Stephan Gostkowski                    K-Sebastian Janikowski

DEF-Seattle                                   DEF-Chicago 

It'll be one hell of a football season, and I'm looking forward to whipping my son week in and week out; while I try and repeat as the Lubbock Townsquare Media Fantasy Football Champion. Bring it! Here's to football.