We have been desensitized to so much that this movie might not be all that shocking to you, but in 1972 this is about as far as you could go.  This film from Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm Street) brought brutality and revenged to new heights on the screen.  Not only that, a lot of things that go down in horror or suspense films, happened in this one first. More, including MILD spoilers next.

Okay, here's the storyline as you would read on the description:  two girls getting ready to go to a concert are kidnapped and brutalized by four killers, the killers then take refuge in one of the girls parents house.  The parents put two and two together and it's on like donkey kong.

The acting is okay at best, and the music is just bizarre.  One of the guys who plays one of the killers was an accomplished songwriter in real life so they let him score the movie.  For some reason, most of the music he came up with is actually "wacky".  To have that "wacky" music playing during some of the movie at first makes you go WTF?, then you realize it's really twisted. As I said, the acting is just kind of okay, but the upside is, the parents look like real parents, not some buff Hollywood types that you KNOW can kick ass.

Since the movie came out in 1972 and is so brutal, not many of you have experienced the original, first because it's so old, and second, due to the brutality it hasn't been shown over and over on cable.  So what's the verdict on "the Last House On The Left"?  Well first, this movie is a good argument for remakes.  The remake had better acting, more tension and was far more realistic, even though it wasn't a perfect movie by any means.  It is kind of worth going back and watching if you have Netflix and you're a horror fan.  You'll see a couple things in this movie that have been done over and over through the years.  I'd give it three Nightmares out of five.

Here's a look at the original trailer for the movie

Here's a look at the 2009 version of the movie