As of today, we are 38 days away from preview night at "Nightmare On 19th Street", so I thought it time to give you a little bit more than pictures of our progress.  This year "Nightmare" (hereafter abbreviated to -N-, which is how we refer to it) has added a whole other attraction.  We've always gotten comments that people love our psychotic deranged hillbillies, so we are taking what you love and making it even more twisted and messed up.  This year you will travel through part of our existing "Badgerville" and end up at the mouth of a town called "Skull-Lick" Texas.  Yes, we built an entire town.  More after the jump.

As you walk down the main street of Skull-Lick Texas you'll be immersed in a ghost town atmosphere populated by who know what kind of heinous creatures.  You'll travel past the Land Office, Undertaker, Saloon, Sheriff's and more.  If you make it through, you'll end up back (ironically) at The City Of The Lost.

In addition to the new attraction we've made major improvements through -N-.  We'll have new photo ops on the midway in addition to some of the old favorites (yes, this year YOU can be the one sitting in the giant electric chair).

Our open dates are in yellow.

Since the weekends fell so weird this year, we're actually opening with a 'preview' night on Saturday the 29th. Everything will be open that night, we just felt we needed to call it a 'preview' night since it fell in September. We'll actually be doing some fun stuff to kick off the year, be listening for details. This year also features our first ever Sunday night. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to visit.

Admission this year is $25, but if you're low on funds, come out on any of the three Thursdays, admission on those night is only $20.

We feature about seventy actors (more than anywhere we know of), professional Hollywood quality makeup and costuming, and what generally amounts to as a couple hours of fun. The lines move very swiftly as we admit groups of four to six (only bigger on request) at a rate of anywhere between 90 and 45 seconds.

We are located in the far back parking lot of the Lone Star Amphitheater. You just stay to the right and keep going, we have an enormous city tucked away back there. We feature food and fun merch from "My Phat Tees" and new this year "Zombie Peepshow".

We employ professional security and real Sheriffs to keep the peace. Comfortable shoes are a must. This is an "Enter At Your Own Risk" establishment and is brought to you in part by FMX's RockShow.

People often ask us "how scary are your haunts'?  We've been told we're the scariest in Texas.  Like all 'scares' though, it's kind of 'what's in your mind".  We've had many people who could not make it through even one complete haunt (and we have PLENTY of emergency exits for this reason).  We've also had people make it through all of them unphased (but not unimpressed).  I can also tell you that MOST people who come to Nightmare come more than once each season, so come early in the year and give yourself that option.

Please like us on Facebook here, and visit our website here. Make plans to join us for Nightmare on 19th Street.