It's funny, even this last Saturday, the checker at the hardware store asked us "Are you already working on that?".  To us, that is the most HILARIOUS question ever.  We NEVER stop working. For us Nightmare is a hobby and a way of life.  We work on stuff and try to improve it even when we're open.  When the season is over, we spend a weekend putting stuff up, then start re-building the very next weekend.  Our build crew even has it's own identity "The Undead Army".  Well, we built more than ever before and I'll tell you about it next.


Every business says "better than before" and every band says their new album is "better than anything we've ever done".  With us, you can see the results.  We built a New Orleans style outdoor cemetery that expands Blood Moon Manor.  Last year, we had a crypt you just looked in.  Now you get to walk through it.  We remodeled several rooms for new scares.  We are doing things in the "kids" room that will show off some of the newest technology and REALLY creep you out.  We put together an area inspired by the "Collector" movies (inspired by, but not copied).

Skulllick Texas needed a rebuild after those 70 mile an hour straight line winds. We're also adding a few new structures, one of which that has a very special scary surprise for you.  Over in the Lost City, we've installed our most expensive prop ever (a sneak peak included here).  We've also added a spider infestation.

The most changes can be found in the flipping of the old Sanitarium to the new "Twisted Tales 3-d".  To go through this haunt you'll put on special 3-D chroma color glasses that makes the paint pop out at you.  It's an amazing effect that really sets you up...then the actors knock you out.

I'll have more updates for you in the coming weeks. I hope you'll visit this year. We feature bonded security and sheriffs on hand.  Our goal is to be a safe, scary, fun environment for everyone who loves Halloween.

To keep up with our more day to day activities, hit our Facebook page.  To get more general information on Nightmare, check out our web page.   We have some very cool special events coming up that you may want to be a part of.