Hello boys and ghouls and welcome to episode three of "Nessmanics Hall Of Horror". Yes, it's my blog version of the great late night horror t.v. programs of years past.  I'm no Elvira, but I'll do my best to turn you on to some cool stuff.

Today we're going to look at "A Nightmare On Elm Street".  "Nightmare" is another series that just doesn't seem to hold up all that well. You do have to remember that Freddy went from "Bastard Son of 10,000 Maniacs" to a cartoon character, so that doesn't help.  My favorite Freddy is the reinvention in "Wes Craven's New Nightmare".  The plot was kind of 'oh-well', but Freddy came back meaner and more hardcore.  More after the jump.

The problem with "re-boots' is, most of the audience already knows so much about that character that if you try to surprise them, they'll call false.  If you stay true to the character, then the movie ends up just boring (because you covered all that material in all of the sequels).  What movie producers have to do is create new characters.  I know at one point some movie producer said "you're never going to get better horror characters than Frankenstein and Dracula" then Jason and Freddy and Micheal Myers came along.

So maybe a few Freddy movies are worth going back and watching, but right now I have the "Cliff's Notes" version of the film for you with all of Freddy's best kills.