A while back I told you about a 17 year old girl, in Florida, who appears to be the first girl ever to make a boys varsity football team, as a quarterback. These days it seems girls are breaking barriers by joining more and more male dominated sports like football and baseball. I say good for them, if they can do it, and do it well then by all means give them a shot.

Now it seems there is another young girl set to make a name for herself as a force to be reckoned with in the male dominated sport.

Nine year old  Sam Gordon just wanted to run and play with the "big kids" when she started playing for her brothers youth football team. The original plan was just to have the bigger boys outrun the little girl (who was 8 at the time).

When the coach Chris Staib, a coach in the Salt Lake City "Gremlin" league saw this girl was not only fast but that she had the moves of a true tailback.

In the end coach Staib convinced the coaches of the other teams that regardless, she was still a little girl and would end up getting hurt, all along knowing she would be his first draft pick.

Now this little girl is racking up points for her team and hits on the Internet for her awesome ability.

Shes scored 35 touchdowns and has so far had over 10 conversions... Not bad for a nine year old!

Check her out...