I'm amused when folks say bringing our troops home from Iraq is a "political move".  Of course it is.  It was a "political move" to go there.  You can call it "humanitarian" all you want, we wouldn't have been there if we didn't have interests in the area. We cannot jam democracy down any ones throat.  We can only lead the horse to water, we can only give it the opportunity to drink.  We've given the Iraqi's a chance at democracy, now it's up to them. More after the break.

Nearly 4500 Americans have given their lives in the Iraq war. These men and women served because they were called upon by their country to do so.  Their service had little to nothing to do with their own political agendas; they swore allegiance to serve their country and they did so with valor, bravery and honor.  Let's not forget the families back home who worried night and day about whether their loved ones would ever come home and would they be the same person when they came home.

Today I saw the President give a speech to returning troops and he kept saying "Welcome home" over and over.  I just wanted to say it myself, on behalf of ALL Americans-Welcome Home.