When people think of rock stars they usually think of people who live a life of excess, excess, drugs, excess drinking, excess groupies, in general terms excess of all things bad. In the case of the guys of Papa Roach, the times of excess partying have passed and given way to a positive form of excess, is there is such a thing as too much goodness?

Jacoby, Tobin, Jerry, and Tony have always been known for how gracious and friendly they are to their fans, but what these guys did to make a fan who is suffering from a brain tumor come true by teaming with the Make A Wish Foundation speaks volumes to the individual character of each of these men.

While there have been several bands who work with the foundation to make wishes of terminally ill children come true, the guys in Papa Roach took things one step further than what Mark Guerra, asked for or could have even dreamed up.

If you ever find yourself doubting humanity, or that "stars" are selfish and self absorbed, read up on all the things these guys do to give back to their fans and community.