It's been a long tough year for the guys of Papa Roach, they went straight from the Rock Allegiance Tour right into the studio to start work on a new album. By now you all heard of the troubles plaguing Jacoby during the recording of "The Connection."Shaddix has battled drug and alcohol dependency for years and through it all his wife has stood by him. During the recording of the latest cd Jacoby speaks of how the drugs, the alcohol and the "rock star lifestyle" finally became too much for his wife.

The two separated and, well the part we need to know is it made for one heck of an album.

Then right as the cd was about to be released and the guys were ready to start touring, Jacoby was told he would have to have surgery on his vocal chords to remove a node that had developed on them from years of head banging, screaming rock and roll music.

Now, finally things seem to be coming together for Shaddix, and the band. His marriage is on the mend and he reports they are stronger than ever, and he has gotten the all clear to start performing again.

Yesterday, the guys performed live for a small audience at the YouTube studio before kicking off their upcoming world wide tour in support of the new record.

He's not back 100% but, he's ready to give the fans what they expect from Papa Roach... but dude, dye the hair the blonde looks too much like Ellen...

Check out some video...