I originally thought I'd make this a feature called "Advice From An old Dude" because that is truly what it is.  Then again, I'm not one to give "advice".  Now, you can quit belly laughing....I will give OPINIONS all day, but advice is a whole other thing.


We have had a STELLAR season at Nightmare. Everyone is being really great and people are learning how and how not to act in a haunted house.  The exception that we get every now and then is drunk college students.  Now, we put on Nightmare pretty much for the fun of it. We have day jobs.  So when people behave poorly, we throw them out. We don't care if they don't come back, because we don't think they deserve to be in this happy place we created.  We had a particular group of assbags the other night including two girls dressed as "slutty ninja turtle" and  of"slutty Katy Perry or "slutty Mc Sluts Alot" (it was slutty something).  Well, one their boyfriends got kicked out before he got halfway through the 1st haunted house and we were ready to see the rest go by the time staff walked them through the rest of the haunted houses.  And, of course, they all had to get mouthy as they walked away (because that's what sniveling little assholes do). Later that night on Facebook I posted "Dear drunk college students. I got your money. Now please go die in a fiery auto crash. Just make sure you only hit other drunk asshole college kids". Some of you might think that's a bit harsh, but I'm about to make my point.

The point is, people do not fundamentally change....EVER.  They might mellow, they might change course a bit, but at some point, I guess as kids or early teens, a persons personality is set and that's it.  For example, the college student that will push his way through a haunted house just grows into the old man that will push through you at the Black Friday Xmas sales.  The guy that stole your lunch money in high school will become the banker that embezzles.  The kid that lies, becomes the adult that lies.  Yes, you can come up with exceptions all day but what I'm saying is true more often than not.  Some of you will point to religious conversions as a means of change, but even that doesn't work.  The thieves that find religion will still steal, they'll just now be "forgiven" for it. The exception to all of this is people who go through traumatic life experiences.  Sometimes a good look at near death or a long prison term will get people "right".

So why even bring up such a deep topic like this?  Well you all have people around you who have behaviors that you are hoping and praying will change.  They will not.  Sorry.  Cut them loose.  Losing you in their lives may be the trauma they need to effect change.

So, how about that wishing a "fiery auto crash" on those college kids?  Trust me. They have nothing good to offer the world.  Unfortunately the law will not let me deliver the trauma they need to learn to respect other people and places. I am confident that their actions and their mouths will lead them ultimately to bad things. Hopefully those things will happen before they create more bad people.