I fought with myself over writing this blog because I am becoming very tired of hearing about Phil Anselmo talking about his former band mate Vinnie Paul. If you don't know the story then continue reading.

Former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul hasn't spoken to former lead singer Phil Anselmo of Pantera since they split in 2003. Vinnie and his brother Dimebag Darrel formed Damageplan, where in 2004 Dimebag was murdered on stage.


The twist in this whole fallout is a few weeks before Dime's murder, Phil Anselmo made some questionable remarks about the Abbott brothers.

Vinnie of course went on to play drums for Hellyeah and Phil Anselmo still had down and whatever solo project he is on.

Vinnie Paul wants nothing to do with Phil Anselmo and continues to tour with Hellyeah, and will be here for The Gigantour 2013.

I plead with Phil Anselmo, leave it alone man, focus on your music and quit using the media to stay relevant, because Vinnie Paul doesn't have to use Dimebag's death for publicity.