Boy this last episode of "The Walking Dead" just sent me over the edge. As I posted on Facebook, "an episode all about Carl is about as welcome as a herpes outbreak at a whorehouse".

Then it came to me, the producers of "The Walking Dead" are having a contest with the producers of "Game Of Thrones" to see who can have the most d!ckish child character.

King Joffrey from Game Of Thrones is always up to some evil stuff from killing his fiance's dad to torture and murder. The actor always performs these acts perfectly with a "just sniffed a fart" sneer on his face.

Carl from The Walking Dead on the other hand is just a d!ck. He's always doing stupid things, never staying where he's supposed to be, endangering everybody and screaming at his half-dead dad.

I wish they'd do a crossover episode where Carl kills Joffrey and then Joffrey becomes a zombie and eats Carl. At the end, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory would then incinerate Joffrey with some type of remote laser and then we'd be done with it.

How about you? Which character do you hate the most? Which one is the most dickish? Vote now!