The red-shirt sophomore that saw minimum snaps in a game situation this past season has reportedly decided to jump on the transfer train and get out of town, as well.

I certainly didn't see this transfer coming, and I don't think many others thought that after Baker Mayfield moved on we'd see much more quarterback drama, but here we are.

So what does this truly mean? Well, for starters, Davis Webb is the guy moving forward.

That is, of course, if incoming freshman from Whitehouse, Texas, Patrick Mahomes doesn't steal his thunder. Mahomes is a talented kid, gifted with a cannon for an arm and quick feet, but Webb has already been here and done that for a year.

Kingsbury should be comfortable completely giving the reins to Webb, given his adequate performance in the Holiday Bowl, but we'll certainly see what the future holds for arguably Texas Tech's most important position.

For whats it's worth, Brewer was always my pick to click.

Good luck to Michael in whatever the future holds.