Randy Neugebauer has been exposed.  Even those on the right know he's a do-nothing sub-par congressman with no real juice on capitol hill.  He isn't crucial to anyone's cause and he hasn't brought any real legislation forward. You're welcome to fact check this all you want, but if this was grade school, he's been stuck in second grade for eleven years.

YouTube "Neugebauer's On The Lawn"

Knowing that the people now know his worthlessness, he has one card to play: the "anti-Obama" card.  His new television commercial is just that, a pitch to be sent back to Washington to "fight Obama" (his exact words).  I, for the life of me, don't understand why you'd ever elect ANY congressman whose sole mission is to be an assh*le.  Don't you want your representative to be "FOR" something?  Don't you want your congressman to read every piece of legislation and decide what's best for his constituents?

Neugebauer is nothing more than a "troll".  Just like those jerks that type stuff on your internet pages, he thrives on negative attention.  His two biggest political moments were breaking decorum and yelling "baby killer" and confronting a park ranger over a monument he was responsible for closing.

I'm tired of his nonsense and posted on his Facebook page last night (interestingly enough he has half of the fans that the FMX page has, even though he's a representative for all of West Texas).  Even then, I was tactful.

Here's the message I posted on Randy's page:

I just saw your commercial and your platform seems to be "fighting Obama". Why would that be your goal instead of representing West Texas interests, cutting government or even planting flowers? Why would we want a congressman who's only goal is to cause trouble? I really would like an answer.

I don't believe I'll ever see an answer.  This guy is as low class as I've ever seen.  I'd rather we vote an actual dog into office because then MAYBE it would do what it's told.