I think the poster after the jump pretty much says it all, so I'll tell you a story instead. There used to be two killer metal bands around here. One was called "A Pony Named Sara" and the other was "The Dead See". This is real metal. Real hard, real dark and sometime real fast. There is nothing that is not brutal about these bands. Well prior to moving to Austin, I had an opportunity to play with one of the members of "The Dead Sea".

Once upon a time the RockShow had a band.  We really only played as a goof (we had taken it seriously many years earlier and just decided the whole mess was more trouble than it was worth).  We literally started playing because FMX promised a ten band bill at Buffalo Lakes and we could only find nine bands.  Heathen and I SERIOUSLY and REALLY said, 'we'll do it if no one else will'.  Well, no one else came forward, so we thought of a name, THEN found some people to play with.  We went by the name "The Vadges" (short for you know what).  Later we did a follow up gig but as a goof we changed the name to "Pony Wings".  Later, Heathen got busy and I formed a Halloween band called "The Repulsive Fire Zombies" (we let an eight year old name the band).  We did all of this with our buddy Mark Key.  Mark went off to Austin to form a popular metal band called "Boars"  and has now to some degree reformed "The Dead See".

Mark is bringing "The Dead See" back to Lubbock this Saturday.  Some really good friends named "A Darker Shade Of Grey" are also on the bill. This is the real stuff. This isn't posing, this is paint peeling metal. Go check it out and tell Mark we said "hey".