I can't even believe this is a "thing".  The President was given a copy of The Gettysburg Address to read by a civil war historian.  This draft did not have the phrase "under God" in it and now some folks are losing their minds.

Evidently the original copy of the Gettysburg Address did not have the words "under God" in it.  Supposedly that was something that Lincoln ad libbed while looking over the battlefields.  Now you have crazies claiming the President "removed" it from the speech and some even claiming that he "honors Islam but disrepects Christianity". Meanwhile White House staffers are saying the President just read what he was given by documentary maker/historian Ken Burns.

Seriously, does everything have to have some hidden meaning?  Could you be politically correct every minute of the day?  If the President was around someone who sneezed and he didn't say "God Bless You", does that mean he is disrespecting someones religion?  I understand some of you have both real and imagined concerns about the President or even politics in general, but this really is making a mountain out of a molehill.  The President is a smart man, if he would have conciously left "under God" out of a reading, he would have known that it would cause a sh@tstorm.  There's also the fact that he pretty much has nothing to gain by doing it.

Complain about the economy or taxes or something real. Get this stupid stuff out of here.

Here's the full story from Everything Lubbock.