The President made a move today, that if you ask me, is BARELY humane, but leave it to our big mouthed, tactless, tea bagging congressman to try to make hay out of the situation. The President wants to offer temporary work permits to illegal immigrants that came to the U.S. before they were 16, lived here at least five years and have clean records. This basically means that kids that were brought here by their parents won't be punished for their parents choice to bring them here.  

The thoughts on this page are exclusively those of Wes Nessman, because I have the balls to say what I think. If you think differently, number one, we have a radio station that leans right that you may enjoy and number two you're wrong and stupid.

You grew up where you grew up because that's where your parents were...pretty basic huh?  Eight year olds didn't choose to sneak into America, just like you didn't choose to be born in Tahoka or Guam. Why should you be punished for something so completely out of your control?

Personally I don't think this little step forward is anywhere near enough.  Now, don't be one of those thoughtless assbags like on South Park saying "they're taking our jobs."  It doesn't work that way. These people still buy things and spend money and contribute to the economy, so they can be job creators and takers.

Personally I think there should be ONE criteria to entering this country. Have you ever been convicted of a crime, anywhere?  From there we run a background check and poof, you're an American.

Now, don't let this frighten you, you could fit all the people in the ENTIRE world in the state of Texas, so this isn't a big deal. If a person wants opportunity. and doesn't hate America, then welcome to the U.S.  So now that I've got all this out of the way, on with Rude Randy, who took a break from stuffing his pockets to say something stupid again.

Neugebauer was quoted on our KFYO as saying the following:

The President, with the sweep of a pen, has said…”Hey, you people who are doing it the right way, I’m thumbing my nose up at you. And to the people who have decided to break the law, we’re going to you a special concession.” I just don’t think that’s what this country is about.

He also released this statement:

"I was outraged by the Administration's decision to supersede Congress and enact the DREAM Act by Executive Order. Our nation is governed by laws established by Congress and signed into law by the President, not dictated by a President who decides to take the process into his own hands.  Granting a reprieve to those here illegally only demeans the effort that legal immigrants put forth to become American citizens through the legal channels established by our laws. There is no question our immigration system desperately needs to be reformed. But this does not mean the President should allow a shortcut that incentivizes illegal immigrants to ignore the laws of our country."

Okay, "incentivizes."  Are you being for real?  Just exactly HOW is someone going to go back to being under 16 and living up to the rest of the qualifications?  Hello, McFly!  We're not going back to the future here. If you consider it an incentive for a Father to sneak his kid into this country and dodge the law for ten years while picking strawberries for three bucks an hour, then so be it.

I saw a picture of a bunch of old Indians (native Americans, whatever) and underneath it it said, "unless you're one of these guys, shut the f@ck up about immigration."  It's pretty damn true. We're all immigrants, the rules have just changed and they haven't really changed in a way that makes too much sense.

Once again, we're talking about people who were brought to the U.S. when they were kids. This is their home. They didn't choose it. They didn't choose to break the law, but if they choose to follow the law, since they've been here, then they should get more than even what is being offered through this so called "Dream Act."  I personally am disappointed that this is all the President decided to do for innocent kids, on the other hand, I'd like to hit our Representative in the face for trying to make life harder on these kids. The best the President can be accused of is giving these kids a break, our Congressman however would be happy to scuttle the Presidents decision if it got him one more teabagging headline.

I really wish I had an opportunity to debate this jackass. I know I'm smarter than him. I know I'm more honest than him. I know I'm more tactful than him. Most of all I know I would not sell out my fellow man to line my already fat pockets. As you may know, I don't believe in Heaven or Hell. I wished I did believe in it, just so I could envision fat cats like this roasting on the devil's spit.

So, in conclusion, to Rude Randy, from me and my Latino friends, I offer you this:  Chingate.