Rob Zombie has announced his latest tour dates, so his stop in Lubbock is now official.  What is not official at this point, is the lineup.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Rob Zombie hits Lubbock September 21st. The tickets for this show say "Rob Zombie" on them, so that is what you're promised and the ticket prices have been adjusted accordingly.

We are still incredibly pleased to help bring you this amazing show. It gets better though. We will have a very special deal for our FMX Bombsquad members.  We know getting hit with three shows is a lot, so you guys will be able to get the ultimate ticket deal.  4 tickets for $66.60!  This is limited to the first 250 people who buy. Of course, there is a service charge on top of that, but that's still an insane deal.

This awesome deal on tickets will happen June 11, two days before regular tickets go on sale on June 13. If you're not part of the Bombsquad, join now!  If you're part of the Bombsquad but haven't been getting emails, double check your email here. If it says you were already opted in, then check your "junk" folder on your computer to see if the emails have been going there.