The first week of school for the 2013-2014 school year is already in the books and we are already gearing up to enjoy a Labor Day and the beginning of everything the fall has to offer.... Football, cooler weather, and before you know it, people complaining about it being too cold.

For now though, the memory of summer vacations are still fresh in everyone's mind, and some of you may already be planning where to go for your next get away.

Regardless of whether you are reminiscing on your summer escapades, or dreaming of your next adventure, consider this, could there have been (or might there be) some hidden graffiti lurking some where in the room?

It could be worth your time to check out your room, you might just find a nugget of greatness left behind by Josh Homme, Jacoby Shaddix, or maybe comedian David Bussell.

Happy hunting...