Just about a year ago Wayne Static was here to perform in Lubbock in support of his album "Pighammer." Wayne's show was killer, but it was the night before the show I'll never forget when I went bowling with Wayne and his wife.

Wayne, his wife Tera and his tour manager Royal joined me in the FMX studio for a little program we called 'Pirate Radio' where Mr. Static took control of the station for an hour and played his music. After the show, Wayne suggested we all go do something that I will remember forever. He suggested we go bowling.

So Wayne, Tera, Royal, Bob (our digital guy), Hannah (our intern) and I headed off to a local bowling lane. Wayne and Tera had their own bowling balls and shoes, and Royal had his own bottle of port that we brought in.

We bowled a few games and had a good time. I know what you're thinking: this is all made up and didn't happen. Well, the proof is below in some video I took from that night. So suck on that.

Static X killed it that night in the Room of Doom. It's a shame Wayne will never perform in Lubbock again. RIP, brother.

(Sorry about the audio not working on the video. Trust me when I say I was laughing the entire time.)