Late last year Saliva announced Bobby Amaru would replace original frontman Josey Scott. The new version of Saliva moved quickly to record new tracks with the new singer and finally the day has come that we get to hear their newest single, "All Around The World."

The first single from Amaru led Saliva is one of three that they have already recorded. The band is gearing up for a new tour with Amaru and plan to get right back to the studio to record more once their current run had concludes.

"At the end of the tour we'll go back to Jacksonville, Florida, and record five or six more tracks," said Saliva drummer Paul Crosby in an exclusive interview with FMX. "We can hopefully get a new record out by the end of the summer at the latest."

Fans of classic Saliva should have nothing to fear though as their old songs will still be performed out on tour with Amaru. Crosby went as far to say that Amaru sounds almost identical to Josey.

"The first thing we had him [Amaru] do was demo himself singing the old songs. When we got the tracks back we had a hard time believing it wasn't Josey. He sings the old songs spot on but sounds like himself on the new tracks we've recorded."

Their new single, "All Around The World," is not as unfamiliar sounding as some Saliva fans may expect. Sure, Josey will always be a big part of what Saliva was and will always be, but true Saliva fans should be able to get behind the new lineup with no problem.

"Josey's shoes are definitely not easy to fill, but this kid has got IT," said Crosby.

Saliva - All Around The World

Saliva will make "All Around The World" available for a free download on their Facebook fan page by weekend's end according to drummer Paul Crosby.