Okay, this isn't your typical 'ad' for a radio station or it's services.  I just perused the new Seize the Deal site and saw huge savings on food from Fat Tony's, Wildburger, the Chili Dog Cafe (try their onion rings) and other great restaurants.  There's no catches and no complications.  You just buy the certificate for about 70% or less of face value.  More after the jump.


Hey the worlds a big place and we all have different interests. Sometimes a "deal" or two aren't up your alley, but who wouldn't want to save money on eating out?  Pop by today and see what's up, and check in regularly to see other stuff as it comes and goes (I'm kind of interested in those sweet boomboxes they have on their now).  It costs nothing to visit the site and the absolute worst thing you'll say, is 'maybe next time'.  Now, go save some money right here!