Lubbockonline is reporting that the new security measures in place at the courthouse are going smoothly:

Visitors were asked to empty their pockets and place their bags through an X-ray machine before walking through a magnetometer.
Um, what? Is this really necessary?  I thought this was why we had deputies on the scene.  And now that we have magnetometers, do we need as many deputies?  And as coincidence would have it, my sister in law just bought us a set of ceramic knives at Ross.  I also hate that this type of procedure assumes your guilty until you prove your not.

Now I'm cool with it in areas where mass destruction could be done like on planes or at nuclear plants, but in the Lubbock Courthouse?  C'mon.  We are quickly becoming a nation of sniveling little p@ssies, and I'm tired of it. I'm a big guy, but trust me I'm no tough guy or hero, and there are going to be many cases where all of this security is called for, but to make it a daily grind is just uncalled for.

Our deputies are highly trained professionals, and they know what to look for when trouble is liable to break out.  How about we have a little faith in our men and women in uniform, AND a little faith in our fellow man?