We have a new lineup beginning Monday (and in February).  It's been a while since we had any changes, I guess our last big one was adding Rooster to nights.  Now Rooster is part of another big one.  I just like saying Rooster and "big one" in the same sentence.




Beginning Monday Rooster will host "The Midday Meltdown" on FMX.  The RockShow will slide back on hour (so we have less to do) giving Rooster a 9a-2p slot.  Driver will continue 2-7.

The goal of the RockShow has always been to bring you the stories everybody's talking about without neglecting the music.  We have the same (or better) material and WAY more laughs than most morning shows and still fit in a ton of rock.  We believe we can still deliver on that promise now from 5a-9a.

Rooster will keep 1020 Trips alive. He'll also have your Word Of The Day and the Painman will still check in daily with the FMX Sportsbrief.  Our Free Lunch will now be "The Ultra Live Lunch" with Rooster playing your requests, shout outs and silliness each and every day.

I'd also like to mention that Rooster will still be bringing you his benchmark show "The Open Bar Saturday Night".