The Lubbock Police Station is literally falling apart. There's problems with rotting pipes, old electrical and worse.  The police desperately need a need home.  The problem these days is no one trusts a politician with a check anymore.


I REALLY didn't appreciate a city official being put on paid leave to handle personal problems.  That kind of decision is why we all have problems trusting politicians these days.  Money gets thrown at so many awful decisions that it's hard to pay for or even get the people behind the good things that need to be done.

This is a problem across the U.S.  Infrastructures are crumbling because people are tired of their money being wasted on unnecessary stuff.  Politicians need to be held accountable for their wasteful spending.  At the same time, we can't punish ourselves or future generations because a few lug heads made some bad decisions.  We can only hope that we will eventually elect the proper people that will eliminate the waste.

The city council will probably handle getting the police a new building without any type of election.  I'm sure there will be some citizen input and a lot of us talking about it at work but I don't see any reason why we should actually object to the idea of a new building at this point.  This is a very worthy project, the old building is literally so bad and dangerous, we're risking lawsuits just being in the building (it's full of asbestos as well as the previously mentioned dangers). So I guess what I'm saying is, whether the current council is good or bad, we're going to have to give them a pass on this one, because the police really need a new home.