Yep, we're offering up a prize for today's question.  Don't get used to it, bucko! Here's the deal, you may have had to clean your room before your dad let you go, or you may have actually went on a date just so they'd take you to a concert.  Some of you have sold body fluids and some have mowed lawns in 100 degree plus heat.  Give us your answer and you could win tickets to this weekends Carnival Of Madness show.  Details on how to enter after the break.

So, "What's The Worst Thing You've Done To Go To A Concert"?  Maybe it was some type of hard work, or something easy like truck stop prostitution?  We want to know, we'll take the top five answers (as determined by the RockShow) then draw one winner who get tickets to the show.  Now, don't answer under this post, answer on our Facebook page right here! You must answer by Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.  Good luck!