You need to hide your family and protect your home, SCARY MEXICANS are COMING FOR YOUR JOB.  I'm guessing you really like picking strawberries, right?  I recently caught a campaign ad saying that "illegals are pouring over the border" and it's simply b.s.

John Moore, Getty Images

Illegal immigration continues a ten year downward trend. How many is too much? Well, I too prefer that everything be done legally, but in order to do that, then the incentive to come here has to go away.  The problem is, U.S. citizens giving illegals jobs. You want someone to blame illegal immigration on? It's not Obama. It's those family farms and other businesses who hire cheap help.

Politicians to try to use these scare tactics to turn out the vote. It's ridiculous that people continue to fall for the same old b.s. every election cycle. In fact, I have a great question for our mayor and all the other politicians; how you gonna do it? Seriously, hundreds of politicians before you have promised to do this same thing, but didn't get it done. I have an idea. How about you increase fines and jail time for people who hire illegals? Seems logical right? If no one is hiring illegals, then they have no reason to come here.  This will never happen though, because at the core it's not about punishing white people who ruin our economy, but punishing the brown ones who are filling a need.

Not one of these politicians has the balls to do what really needs to be done. A stupid wall isn't going to work, there's always ways under and over those. Then again, if we spend all our tax dollars on a wall, all the illegal aliens will eventually be killed (along with the rest of us) on the deteriorating highways and bridges in the U.S.

The facts are simple. There are less illegals than ever and the idea that they're taking our jobs is b.s. too.