A while back Stone Temple Pilots officially jettisoned Scott Weiland as their lead singer. This weekend the band surprised every one at a festival by revealing the fill in. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park not only steeped up to the mic for the live show, he also has already recorded with the band. More after the jump.

Stone Temple Pilots plus the singer of Linkin Park sounds like Stone Temple Pilots plus the singer of Linkin Park.   There's no real surprise here.  I will say that it's awesome to hear Chester with some actual guitars behind him.  For whatever reason Linkin park has traded guitars for vibe-y keyboards and that leaves me just a little bit cold.  STP still employ buzzsaw riffs and a driving rhythm section.  Apparently For you Linkin Park fans, there's no reason to worry as the members of STP have said they know that LP is Chester's number one priority.  As someone who's seen this type of "partnership" in play before, it tends to make whichever projects you love farther and farther apart.  A guy simply can't be in two studios, or on two tours at once.

So this song is pretty good, but what I really wanted to hear is how Chester  pulls off Interstate Love Song live.  Well, if you continue down, I was able to find live footage of the bands performance Saturday night.