We Are A Nation Of People Who Will Never Be Broken [VIDEO]
On April 15 of this year, once again, our lives were changed forever by the actions of two sick, sadistic men. Two brothers who will now forever have a place of infamy, not only in world history, but in AMERICAN history who foolishly thought they could break us.
It Sucks to be in ‘Boston’
Working for a mad genius can be a weird gig. You might make it big, you might be in a dungeon eating cockroaches. Evidently being in the group Boston is somewhere in between.
Rock School #4 [VIDEO]
“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is often credited as being a revolutionary song and a marker for a pivotal juncture in rock history. What makes this funny is this alternative/punk/hard rock songs signature riff was admittedly jacked from a slab of corporate cheese rock. Get the answer afte…