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Charlie Sheen Plays Call Of Duty [VIDEO]
People always talk through their headset while i'm playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops and it gets frustrating. Check out this video of what should be heard while you're playing Black Ops. Charlie Sheen thinks it's Gnarly.
Charlie Sheen Fired
Our Warlock chief has been dismissed from the #1 comedy on t.v. (so much for that). This may go down as the stupidest move ever in an already hurting industry. (read more after the break).
Sheen’s Corner [VIDEO]
Charlie Sheen is now doing a web show. It obviously shows that he is self-aware of his crazy and has fun with it. The guy is almost a standup comedian. I don't think anyone has given him enough credit.
Charlie Sheen Gives the Best Interviews [VIDEO]
I'm not the biggest fan of Charlie Sheen or Two and a Half Men, but this is probably the best interview I have seen in a long time. Click through to see why Sheen is mad at the network executives and why he might just be my new hero.
Charlie Sheen Rant[PICS]
Wow! CBS hires Charlie Sheen to "play" a drunk, womanizer; then cancels production when he turns out to "stay in character" even off the set?! Wonder how I will spend my Monday evenings now.
Charlie Sheen In Hospital
CNN is reporting that actor Charlie Sheen has been hospitalized.  It's being reported that he was taken out of his residence for "abdominal"  cramps.  Two women were seen leaving the residence as Charlie was taken out with a sheet over his face.  Read more …