Clutch Vocalist Talks Inspiration For New Album
It's an exact month from the release date of the band's brand spankin' new album and I'm personally intrigued by all the small behind-the-scenes looks at the album that are being released. Yet another tidbit was released and you can hear it here.
Clutch Takes You Inside The Studio
Check out some behind the scenes footage of Clutch in the making of their latest and forthcoming album. The band 11th studio album is set to hit stores in early October.
Clutch Talks Own Label, New Album
Clutch's Tim Sult, who serves as the lead guitarist for the band, recently sat down for an interview, which you can see here. In it, he describes the making of the band's own record label.
Clutch Premieres New Tune In Scotland [VIDEO]
A recent Clutch show in Scotland featured not only the smashing and bruising grooves of past albums from our favorite band hailing from Maryland, as the band ripped through a new song entitled "Sidewinder". Check it out here.
Clutch Enters Studio For Work On New Album
First off, I really, really dig me some Clutch, so when I heard this news I was ecstatic. The band has just re-entered the studio for some pre-production before tracking gets officially underway probably next month or in the summertime.

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