A Piece Of Heavy Metal History Passed On [VIDEO]
I  have only been in radio for 5 years and I have already built up a pretty impressive rock and roll memorabilia collection. I have no shame when it comes to meeting the rock stars and having them sign whatever I got. Now imagine being in radio as long as Wes Nessman and Mike Driver have been, …
Blogging With Mike Driver [VIDEO/NSFW]
You already know that we are constantly blogging right here on and now I will give you an exclusive behind the scenes look at blogging with Mike Driver. And be warned Driver drops a pretty funny F Bomb at the end of this video.
HUGE Concert Announcemment Coming This Friday [VIDEO]
As most of you have heard there was suppose to be a huge concert announcement tomorrow morning on The Rock Show. We have had to push this announcement back til this Friday but the band that we are adding is one that is a fan favorite and this line up will impress even the occasional FMX listener.
Thank You FMX Fans: We’re Number One Again!
Yeah, it's been 32 years. In those 32 years we've stepped up to the plate 64 times. In those 64 times we've never been beaten or truly challenged by any other rock format. I wanted to take this brief moment to thank you for your support.  More after the jump.
The Meaning Of 1660
In a previous blog I talked about what Woody calls 1660 women. Some of you know what that refers to some of you don't so I; being the totally cool dude I am thought I'd fill you in so you to can be up on the teen speak.

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