Threads, Locks And Rock: Music, Modeling & Friends
Words cannot convey the amazing talent of this year's TLR Team. I am truly excited about this show. Every rehearsal reiterates that fact! Even Michael Mora, the amazing photographer and owner of MaD dESIGNs, who captured this image, of Lily Cordero, aka Mazzy Scar, at TLRehearsal, last Wednesda…
Update On Threads, Locks, & Rock
We have been working on updating our website, and though it is not exactly complete, I am happy to IS up and running, again!  As such, I'd like to tell you how you can be a part of TLR.  Of course, might want to know exactly what TLR entails.
School Uniforms-A Stupid Idea That’s Behind The Times
Every few years we hear rumblings about possible "school uniforms" .  I really wish the old farts behind the notion would just die off so we can be "real" about our kids and quit beating this dead horse.  You know what the upside of school uniforms is?  You don't have to worry ab…
You Might Want to Pull Your Pants Up Bro
With it being tax free weekend and all, I thought I would take a second to be your personal fashion advisor. While you are out shopping you might want to stop by and buy yourself a belt.