With it being tax free weekend and all, I thought I would take a second to be your personal fashion advisor. While you are out shopping you might want to stop by and buy yourself a belt.Everyone of us have seen it a million times. Guys with their pants literally around their thighs with their entire ass above the waist of the pants.

Generally the guys wearing their pants this low are really, REALLY cool! I wonder though if they know the origins of wearing pants like that and if they do (of knew) if they would continue to wear them that way.

Recently I came across an article that traced by the fashion to prison (what is it with me and reading about inmates today?). It turns out that sagging pants in prison was a bit unavoidable at times since inmates are not allowed to have belts.

Makes sense right?!

Well it seems somehow the lack of availability of belts became a good way to let other inmates know if a dude was "available." Low pants is a signal to other guys as "easy access." NICE, right?

Next time you see a guy with his pants buttoned around his thighs ask him if he knows how the look got started and what it means to certain members of society. If he doesn't know what it means, fill him in on what message he is sending.