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Jenna Marbles “Blades Of Glory” Costumes [VIDEO]
Last year Woody and I went to a Halloween party as vampires, thankfully Wes hooked us up with one of his killer makeup experts from Nightmare on 19th. This year we decided not to do the party thing, and honestly I was not disappointed simply because of the stress deciding what to be and finding the …
Jenna Marbles’ Secret “Hand Jive” Handshake [VIDEO]
Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends had super secret handshakes? I can remember spending hours with my best bro's making up, and then perfecting our "super cool, super secret handshakes," that we usually forgot about in a week or two.
A Man’s View On Makeup [VIDEO] NSFW
Can someone please explain to me why it takes women so long to get ready everyday? I mean seriously ladies, you guys say you are doing your hair and makeup for us, but I'm here to tell you as a guy we don't care about that stuff
The Underware Diaries [VIDEO] NSFW
If you're a dude, you pretty much have two choices when it comes to drawers, and by drawers I mean underware. And these days a lot of dudes are really proud of the underware they choose, that is obvious by the numberof guys who run around with their pants belted around their thighs so the rest …
Jenna Marbles Breaks Down What A Sports Bra Is [VIDEO] NSFW
Ok guys, those of you that workout know the science behind a jockstrap. Those of you who have never worn one let me break it down for you you, a jock keeps your "manhood" from bouncing around and causing discomfort. In other words a jock keeps your nuts outta the way. Not all that differen…
Jenna Marbles Introduces The Text Message Decoder
Our girl Jenna is at it again. And by 'at it' I mean talking dirty in a way that would plump a Ball-Park frank!  Yessir, she's talking dirty and acting flirty while giving the lowdown on what text messages really mean.  More after the jump.
Jenna Marbles On How To Make Games More Fun
I loves my girl Jenna Marbles but hey, that's my business.  She puts up weekly videos on the interweb, but I try to share only the really unique and fun ones with you.  This one is just in time for those of you who like to get together and play board or drinking games during the weeke…
Jenna Marbles: How To Get Boys To Like You [NSFW/VIDEO]
The luscious and kooky Jenna Marbles is back with her weekly blog and this time she has a LOT OF DIRTY TALK!  Yes it's true, I watch her videos every week, but I only repost the ones that are extra funny, sexy or filthy.  This one has a little bit of everything. This time is a satiric…
Jenna Marbles Salutes “My Drunk Kitchen” [VIDEO]
It's a collision of two internet superstars! It's the war to settle the score, the brawl for it all, it's Jenna cooking drunk!  America's hottest blogger takes on the task of pounding some wine while cooking up some grub.  Jenna proves she's up to the task (after a…

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